Monday, November 25, 2013


This was my Thanksgiving illustration from the book FATHER FOX'S PENNYRHYMES, a collection of poems written by my sister Clyde Watson.  Much of that book---both words and pictures---alluded to Clyde's and my childhood experiences as we grew up with six brothers and sisters in a rural Vermont setting.  This illustration was no exception.  The long table here was the table, made by my father, that we all sat around (and sometimes squabbled around) at mealtimes.  The captain's chairs in which Mother and Father Fox sit are the same chairs that my own parents used.  The piano in the background, the interrupted sewing project on the rocking chair, the bulletin board festooned with fox kits' art, even some of the clothing---I took all of these details verbatim from my own childhood.  In fact, the only real difference I can now see between my childhood reality, and my illustration, might be that our ears weren't quite as large and furry---and if we had tails, we kept them hidden.

I wish you all a Thanksgiving full of love, the community of family and friends, and "cake upon the table."


  1. This is wonderful, Wendy. Which young fox are you? I'm guessing the one in the sprigged dress next to the little savage in red?

  2. Good guess, Ashley! As the oldest, I was always trying to keep all my sibs under control---though without much success!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you Wendy. I keep meaning to touch base with you and get together for some more tea and brownies ;)

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you too Wendy. I keep meaning to touch base with you and plan a get together! Another round of tea and homemade brownies ;)

  5. Dear Ms. Watson, This book was an absolute treasure for my daughter and I when she was growing up. We still know every poem by heart! And now my grandchildren love it.
    "Run, run, run, the hogs are out." "Chocolate cake & apple punch,
    I’m too full to eat my lunch." "There was a chap his name was Bert
    He ate the buttons off his shirt." And on and on. I can't tell you how much joy it brought us looking at those drawings while we recited the rhymes. Today, my daughter wished everyone a Happy Thanksgiving on her facebook page and posted a picture of the "Let the fall leaves fall.." image. In turn I copied your blog entry for her, along with the poem itself. You and your sister are national treasures! Very best wishes to you for a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The love of readers for my books are the best reward for what I do.