Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Out walking recently in this spring weather, I came upon a maple leaf that was lying on the sidewalk. It looked like a soggy bedraggled remnant from the previous fall.
But when I picked it up, I realized it was not a bedraggled and fragile remnant, but a piece of lace as delicate and resilient as a spider's web.
Like this leaf, we are pummeled, blown, washed, thrashed, frozen, and thawed, by time and life, until all extraneous matter is worn away, and only our enduring essence is left.


  1. Beautiful, both your words and the leaf

  2. ah, and all life is as miraculous and beautiful when its essence is examined. another thoughtful and inspiring post, wendy. thank you.

  3. Feeling like this leaf this morning and trying to figure out what that essence actually is! Nice reminder that there can be something left after all.

  4. I share a similar message with my students (college frosh) at semester's end: I give them each a sea-smoothed stone that I harvested the previous summer, and hold one myself. I say that like the stones, we've been tumbled, tossed, and battered by circumstances, but we're still strong--and even more beautiful in essence.