Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My lost keys are now found keys. A friend was helping me straighten up my house; when she picked up a garment that had been lying in a chair for...well, weeks...there lay the keys underneath. (Probably fallen out of a pants pocket.) I had searched every place I could think of (except under a tossed-aside sweater, obviously).  I was sure they would never be found. NEVER. I had given up completely on them. Yet they were found, finally. And not even in some exotic location; just in a place that I hadn't been able to imagine as a hiding spot.

How like this is, again, to finding the key to a writing problem or knot. I wrack my brains, try out every possible solution in my mind, brain storm until I am stormed out.  It seems obvious: I will never find the solution. NEVER. I give up on it totally, and go on to something else. And then the solution pops into my mind at some unexpected moment. A solution that now seems obvious and simple---yet I hadn't been able to imagine it on my own.

Muses, and Friends: I can't imagine life without them.