Tuesday, October 14, 2014


My lost keys are now found keys. A friend was helping me straighten up my house; when she picked up a garment that had been lying in a chair for...well, weeks...there lay the keys underneath. (Probably fallen out of a pants pocket.) I had searched every place I could think of (except under a tossed-aside sweater, obviously).  I was sure they would never be found. NEVER. I had given up completely on them. Yet they were found, finally. And not even in some exotic location; just in a place that I hadn't been able to imagine as a hiding spot.

How like this is, again, to finding the key to a writing problem or knot. I wrack my brains, try out every possible solution in my mind, brain storm until I am stormed out.  It seems obvious: I will never find the solution. NEVER. I give up on it totally, and go on to something else. And then the solution pops into my mind at some unexpected moment. A solution that now seems obvious and simple---yet I hadn't been able to imagine it on my own.

Muses, and Friends: I can't imagine life without them.


  1. so glad you found those keys. the world would be a sad and lonely place without muses and friends.

  2. Ah, yes. When we let go of struggle and let our minds relax, the solution will appear when before it seem so elusive! Glad you found the keys, Wendy! I had misplaced my lanolin about the same time; finally found it when I went to wash my cats' bedding; the lanolin tube had fallen into their dirty laundry box--underneath all the towels! Hahahaha!