Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I misplaced my keyring---with keys to house and car---a day or two ago. I knew they had to be somewhere on my property. I would not have been able to get back into my house without them. I have duplicates to all my keys, and was not really inconvenienced, but I became obsessed: looking in the same places over and over, convinced that the fiftieth time around, the keys would be where, on the forty-ninth time around, they hadn't been. Soon there was a path marked out on the carpet of the route I was travelling...again...and again...and again. What is that definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results?  
Suddenly I caught myself.  I realized that this is exactly how I often begin when I can't find the keys to a knot in a manuscript or a sketch dummy on which I'm working.  But I've learned that the obsessive approach is not a productive approach. If I can calm down, open my heart, relax my mind, the key to the creative problem will usually appear of its own accord...on its own timetable, of course.
Can I apply this same principle to finding my house and car keys?  Free up my mind, meditate, in the hope that the location of that elusive key ring will float to the surface?  Well, I can try...though so far, I have to admit, it hasn't worked. 


  1. Friends and i were discussing the same dilemma-- mostly around locking one's keys inside the car. The winner was the one who locked her keys inside the car while the car was running AND she had just changed into her ice skates.

    Get someone else to look for the, (Have you checked the freezer, refrigerator, and mailbox?)

    1. I've dealt with keys locked in my car by disitributing extra keys amongst strategic places and persons...have dealt likewise with the constant problem of locking myself out of my house...but have never lost an entire set within the confines of my own dwelling (until now)!

  2. The second photo, of the old key ring, is wonderful. Surely that one could appear in a story sometime? (Or maybe it already has.) Though I'm not Catholic, a friend who is has twice appealed to St. Anthony, patron saint of lost things, on my behalf. His prayers worked once, for a lost gift certificate. (50% success rate isn't too bad.) Good luck!

  3. Great story, great analogy, Wendy! Did you check your trash baskets? I know more than one lost object was found to have fallen into the trash...Currently I'm missing my lip balm; personally, I think the Fairies hide things from us to annoy or frustrate us--or maybe to teach us patience, who knows!!