Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Edgar d'Aulaire was born on September 30, 1898 in Germany. In the children's book world, though, we think not of Edgar on his own, but of Edgar and his wife Ingri d'Aulaire (who was born on December 27, 1904). 
Working together as children's book illustrators, they were one of the most compelling artistic teams I've ever seen in children's books. In fact one of the most compelling illustrators, period, whether a team or solo.

Their work is unique, distinctly their own, immediately recognizable. Their book of Greek myths was one of my earliest introductions to their work.

They were especially interested in folklore and myth.

Norwegian tales of trolls, gods, and goddesses filled many of their books.

Later, after they had emigrated to the United States, they turned their attention to American folklore and American heroic figures, like Pocahontas and Ben Franklin.

Their work is sturdy and full of vitality; it feels very physical. 
Yet at the same time it is delicate and poetic, full of dream-like images and imaginative wanderings.
Indulge yourself---look up some of the books created by this spectacular pair, and take flight!



  1. Didn't they do a wonderful book about a boy who comes to the US from somewhere in Scandinavia. He wears his grandmother's hand-knit knee-high stockings, wild patterns, and is mocked by the other boys. (while HE mocks them for wearing long pants). Eventually both sides see each other's rationales). The illustrations are fabulous...

  2. I know the book you are talking about but can't remember the title. I've been looking online, and discovered that there is a Facebook page for the d'Aulaires's books: https://www.facebook.com/dAulairesChildrensBooks

  3. Thanks for featuring the dAulaires, Wendy! I Adore their illustrations! My favorite is Norse Gods & Giants (I see you featured some pictures from that one, too), so full of light and color and magnificent imagery. WOWZER! I don't know the book Anne is referring to.