Thursday, January 6, 2011


I thought I would start from scratch (that means blank white Lanaquerelle paper, India ink, Winsor & Newton watercolors) and create some more trial art for ONE BROWN TEDDY.  Instead I did what I often end up doing---I made a couple of prints of my earlier version, on cheap copy paper, and started fooling around with the addition of Crayola paints, Pilot markers, a stray pencil or two.  Somehow the poor reproduction, the crummy paper, the drugstore materials, is very relaxing---I'm not ruining my one piece of actual trial art, or trying to be a grown-up "professional" using "professional" materials.  I'm just having fun.  And suddenly---voila!  I've caught a glimpse of how I'll treat the finished art.  And gotten it down on paper so I can refer to it later.  So: Fooling Around Trial #1:
[Color washed out and drab (my printer isn't working right at the moment)---but I like the addition of the line.]

Fooling Around Trial #2:
[I like the color better, though the line has gotten a bit heavy...]

I'll see if I still like them tomorrow...