Thursday, March 17, 2011


I've heard rumblings about how "going to seed" is a failure of...character.  In rebuttal, I say that there are good reasons for allowing this process to take place.  I'll use the example of the lettuce in my front yard (not that I'm plagarizing from anyone else, of course.  If you've been reading Bessie Beetum's Blog at you'll know what I'm talking about.)  
Soon after my lettuce began to bloom, I noticed visitors.
 It seems that honey bees LOVE lettuce blossoms!
Every morning now, there are clouds of honey bees, drifting in and out of the lettuce blossoms.
Then I noticed just the other day that the lettuce seeds were beginning to mature.  This morning, as I walked through my living room, I stopped.  That sound!  I was sure I heard the chirping and tweeting of birds....almost inside the house!  
A hasty glance (all I got) was enough to confirm what my ears were telling me:  there are now birds as well in the lettuce plants, breakfasting on the ripening seeds.
So I'm all for going to seed!  


  1. Could you please send seeds, bees, and bird to Vermont? Each is a gift, each a symbol of renewal. It takes your special spirit to see the connections and take pleasure in it all.

  2. So that is why all the birds and bees are hanging around me!

  3. That is lettuce and not broccoli? Yes, I guess so. The flowers look much like broccoli flowers, which the bees also love.