Sunday, March 13, 2011


I just returned from the Tucson Festival of Books in Tucson, Arizona ( where I was one participant in a cast of 450!  Or more accurately, Father Fox and I were two participants in a cast of 450.  The crowds of attendees were enormous.  Father Fox and I both felt a bit overwhelmed, country folk that we are.
I had the great honor of being part of a panel on Saturday March 12 with Adam Rex and E. B. Lewis.  What wonderful company!  Our panel was titled and described as: "I Didn't Write it, But...Illustrating for Other Authors:  Illustrating a manuscript by another author means listening to the manuscript by reading and re-reading until the manuscript becomes as familiar as an old friend.  These illustrators will talk about how they create new perspectives and connections to the story, creating a whole that reflects but goes beyond the words."  The three of us together represented three generations of illustrating and publishing---all the way from the early 60's to the present.  Kind of amazing!
Father Fox and I also took our turn on the Story Blanket, where we entertained a small group of babies, toddlers, youngsters,and their accompanying parents and grandparents.

Father Fox taught them the delightful poem about Bert who ate his buttons, from Father Fox's Pennyrhymes (written by "another author" Clyde Watsonwhile I drew a picture of Bert.  Then I drew portraits of two or three child volunteers, who seemed quite OK with the way their portraits turned out---complete with furry ears, big teeth, and tails.  Lastly I read aloud from my own titles Bedtime Bunnies, Lollipop, and Has Winter Come.  I'm looking forward very much to going again next year.


  1. Go Wendy & Father Fox--you make an unbeatable combo!
    love from 'another author'....C. Watson

  2. Sounds wonderful and how warm and relaxed you look.

  3. I'm glad you and Father Fox had such a good time. I enjoyed having lunch with both of you. (BTW, F. Fox doesn't eat much.)

  4. Well done, Wendy. I particularly enjoyed reading this because a brief, but memorable part of my childhood was spent in Tucson, and I fell in love with the Sonora Desert for life.

    And that you managed that after that car trip! Especially well done!