Thursday, June 23, 2011


I visited my wonderful independent bookstore today---Changing Hands (  I went with the express purpose of looking for a pen or pencil that would fit into Raymond's pocket-diary.  And I found one.  Or rather, two.  One of the pens is silver:
The other pen is black:
     Which one should---or will---Raymond use?  This is not as ridiculous a question as it might seem.  Raymond's choice will be determined by his character.  So how well do I know Raymond's character?  Well enough to know which pen he would prefer?  I don't seem to know for sure right now---after all, I brought both pens home---or is it Raymond himself who can't decide?  Clearly, I need to have another chat with him.
     And a slight quibble is ruffling my perfectionist self:  Being ball-points, these pens are not even quasi-Victorian, let alone historically-accurate-Victorian.  But in reply to that bothersome thought, I remind myself of two comments that I carry around with me as I'm creating.  One of them was made by my son, a movie-maker.  He said, "I'm creating an illusion---not reality."  The other was made by my maternal grandmother.  She used to say, "It won't be seen on a galloping horse."  
     If it happens that the art store, where I'm going tomorrow, carries pencils of the proper length and diameter---well, then, Raymond and I will have still more discussions on this fascinating topic.


  1. Is this a Wallet Pen? My friend Tom invented and makes them!

  2. I understand why you'd want to get the right writing instrument. Seems like a pencil would be most appropriate here, unless people traveled w/little ink pots or dried ink. Would love to hear what you've discovered & decided on.

  3. I am immediately drawn to the silver pen, although I know Raymond only by name. On the other hand, a pencil is the absolute best writing implement.

  4. I am more and more intrigued! A pen is always a good tool...