Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I've been weeding out an assortment of belongings that are no longer necessary to my life; a friend will pick them up and take them to Goodwill.   As I select each item and drag it out to the pile, I am struck by how similar the process is to editing a manuscript.

Enormous lamp: the character that doesn't fit, in scale or style.

Totally disintegrated dollhouse:  the manuscript that just can't be salvaged.

Mirror with curliques: the adorable passage of writing, so cute, but totally useless.

Falling-apart table:  the shakey plot line that doesn't support.

Multiple benches and stools: the excess verbiage that obscures and impedes.

And now, what is left?  Room, hopefully, for better living...and better writing.

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  1. Great inspiration, Wendy! Thank you...

  2. Yes! Love the comparison . . .you're so right.

  3. alas, i loved that dollhouse. at least i have some charming pictures of it to remember it by. love this clever post of furniture metaphors.