Thursday, October 4, 2012

MY NEWEST BOOK-The Family Bedtime Treasury

I'm happy to announce the September 2012 publication of THE FAMILY BEDTIME TREASURY.  My title Bedtime Bunnies (published in 2010) is one of 8 picture books included in the collection.  I'm in great company---Eileen Christelow, Don and Audrey Woods, and other illustrious authors and illustrators are part of the collection.  Also included in the volume are a number of poems, and a CD of an hour of "calming classical" music.  At $18.99, it's a bargain.  As to whether it puts my own individual title ($16.99 for just one book, and no CD) out of print...well, time will tell!  Click here for more details:


  1. i would have loved this when my girls were little. hope this extends the reach of your work rather than narrowing it!

    1. I love it even though my children are grown up---not because it's partly my work, but because it is so inviting and beautiful to hold and look at. I'm thinking of it for the youngest ones on my gift-giving lists...