Saturday, April 27, 2013


Here I am.  Bessie Beetum, long-suffering house-mate with Miss Creative (aka Wendy Watson).  You might not have heard of me or read my blog (   And that might be because dear dear Miss Creative messed that blog up a while ago.  Accidentally-on-purpose, of course. I don't suppose She wanted folks to read my blog instead of hers.  (Folks always prefer mine. If they want to know what's actually happening, that is.)  And even though these days Miss Creative isn't doing much on her own blog---well, She could still easily decide to delete MY ENTIRE BLOG. 
So I'm switching blogs.     Taking over   infiltrating    posting on this blog from now on. Someone has to tell the truth around here.  And I always do my duty.
In case you're wondering, Miss Creative won't notice any posts I put up.  See her desk?  She wouldn't notice if her whole nest fell down.
Unless she catches me in the act of hacking into her blog.  She might notice thatOops---here she comes.  Got to go...


  1. Intriguing, Bessie. I look forward to Miss Creative's reaction to your takeover.

  2. oh, bessie, i knew you'd emerge eventually.

  3. You sure are a hoot, Bessie! I do hope you have plans for survival if Miss Creative does discover your infiltration.....just wondering if you have figured out how to handle the fall-out. In case Miss Creative Does discover your posts. Or something.