Friday, January 17, 2014


REMY CHARLIP was born on January 10, 1929. He was a multi-talented, highly gifted artist.  I knew his children's books from early on in my own career, but it was not until many years later that I learned of his accomplishments as a dancer, choreographer, theater director, designer, and teacher.
His book ARM IN ARM was my favorite of all his titles.  
It's a delightful and witty exploration of words and images, playing off of each other in sophisticated, yet child-like, experiments.  
It's quite likely that Charlip's books would never be published today.  A sad commentary on the current state of children's book publishing, which depends so much on glitz, hype, and promotion. Nor is Charlip well-known outside of professional circles.
I cannot possibly adequately present Charlip's work in this brief blog---one needs to hold the actual books in one's hands and read them, page by page, to appreciate this artist's genius.  I encourage you to track down some of Charlip's work.  Let him transport you.  The link below describes at some length his many accomplishments as an artist.


  1. Beautiful work! I remember the Paper Bag Players from years ago when I lived in NY.

  2. The two other books of his I had (have?) are Thirteen, and Fortunately. Both are genius works. What a talent.