Monday, January 5, 2015


The Best Seat In The House? This one---at my drawing board, paints and brushes at hand, Baroque guitar on the portable CD player. There's only one problem. I've been doing more writing (which always takes place on the living room couch) in recent months than drawing. So Kitty (he's asked that I not use his real name) has come to the conclusion that the Best Seat is HIS Best Seat. Now that I'm back to illustrating, Kitty and I have a little---make that a large---contest of wills each morning when I go to work.
Once evicted from the Best Seat (yes, I always win), the Second Best Seat (according to Kitty) is the one in front of the computer. Clearly a come-down. But this does not solve the problem. I have to use this seat as well, many times during the day, which means more contests of will.
After a second eviction, the Third Best Seat in the house is this one, arranged especially for Kitty, and a seat he'll never have to share with me. Its drawbacks? Location ... size ... view ... plus it's never conveniently warmed up ahead of time by someone else's posterior.
The conclusion that I draw from all this? That Kitty is an especially intelligent being. He understands the true priorities of life. As I compose this blog post, opportunistic Kitty, surrounded by paints and brushes and the music of Bach, is settling down into ... the Best Seat In The House.


  1. He's lovely: he looks likes my Fuzzle.

  2. Thanks for this lovely opening to my day! I love picturing you and Kitty together and hope that I'll meet him next summer. Tell Kitty that he's lucky to be in Arizona now, as we expect sub zero temps in Boston tonight.

  3. Oh, the joys of sharing the Best (or in my case the Only) seat in the house with a Kitty! I have a visual of you warming the towel on his shelf by putting it on one of your chairs and sitting on it for a while before transferring towel (now smelling nicely of Mom) and cat to his own seat. :-)

  4. Hi Wendy, oh my gosh! Kitty is so beautiful! I'll email you a picture of one of my kitties in one of his spots. :-)