Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Who best to choose for the month of July than that grande dame, Beatrix Potter, who was born on this day in 1866. Not that anyone needs to be reminded of her work.
We read her tiny masterpieces over and over. 
But have you have ever seen her preliminary sketches?
Or her studies of nature subjects?
Or her landscapes?
And did you know that she was an expert on fungi? (In fact, I just discovered this tidbit on the internet:a "recently discovered" parasitic fungus (Tremella simplex) in Aberdeen was found to have been drawn by Beatrix Potter in the late 1890’s.)  We know she made those endearing illustrations of clothed animals, but as we look at those, it's easy to forget that she was a deeply serious artist. She did research, made sketches, painted, drew, and analyzed. Let's celebrate the life and work of this incredibly talented artist by reading our favorite Potter book...looking up her sketches, paintings, and research work on the internet...reading her biography or letters. My own personal dream is to some day visit Hill Top, her house in England that is now a museum.


  1. Even the academic painting of the mushroom has wit and whimsy in the grass.

  2. same here Wendy--perhaps we can go together! when you get home, I'll loan you the DVD movie Miss Potter that I think you'd enjoy

  3. What beautiful art indeed! I love Beatrix Potter! I highly encourage everyone to watch the movie about her, Miss Potter, too. Probably it's on video by now; I saw it in a movie house in 2007. Thanks for sharing more of her work, Wendy!

    Oh, and let us not forget that July is also the birth month of our esteemed Blog Author, as well! :-)