Tuesday, December 8, 2015


I never seem to be embarrassed to let people see how messy my studio becomes. I think it's because I am always awed and amazed at the way a beautiful object is created out of such chaos. An object that one can pick up, hold in one's hands, peruse, read, enjoy. The process seems to me---still, after all these years---nothing less than miraculous. It confirms for me, over and over, my sense that I am the channel for the creating power, not the source.
I do clean and straighten my studio after each project is completed. A moment of stasis.
Then begins the next project---the next round of chaos. Out of which, yet again, will emerge a thing of beauty. 

And thus the magnificent cycle continues.


  1. i, too, love the chaos of creativity.

  2. So that means there is hope for the chaos in my third floor office, where bedlam prevails? My granddaughter has your bedtime bunny story in the box with her favorite books, so your chaos results in happy readers.

  3. The channel--not the source-- SO TRUE!
    Hooray for chaos,my middle name.

  4. So glad that you honor the chaos, Wendy! And yes, truly miraculous things do come out of it! The natural order of the Universe: order out of chaos.

  5. I confess to great curiosity as to what is hidden under the draped fabric in the corner...maybe in your next post you can unveil whatever unspeakable things are not showing here?? LOVE IT!!