Friday, February 4, 2011


I've just learned from my editor at Scholastic that my book SPUDS, written by Karen Hesse, and illustrated by Yours Truly, is on the list of picture book nominees for the 2011-2012 Land of Enchantment Award.  (Please do go to my website, address to the left under "MORE ABOUT WENDY", to see images from this book, reviews, and more.)  This is an award offered by the state of New Mexico, and the award is chosen by children living in New Mexico who have read the nominated books.  Every state except Mississippi (according to an entry I found in my hasty internet search) offers book awards of this type.  There is more information about the Land of Enchantment Award at this site:
(By the way, this is neither a total fabrication, nor a half truth, but an actual event!)


  1. Congratulations! It's all about the art (-:

  2. Actually, without a text, an illustrator is dead in the water. So kudos to Karen Hesse, the author of this book!

  3. Hip Hip Hooray to both author and artist!!