Saturday, February 12, 2011


Storage and organization are always a problem!  For me, anyway.  For years, I lusted after flat files---those huge pieces of furniture with multiple shallow drawers, for storing large paper, artwork, or whatever.  Even my Dad, another professional artist, kept urging me to buy some.  I finally made the decision:  after I moved into my new house, I WOULD BUY FLAT FILES.  Once moved in, however, the idea of flat files became less and less attractive.  My house is quite small; flat files take up a huge amount of floor space; I was already having trouble arranging enough working space in my studio.  Where would I add behemoth flat files?  As I pondered, I noticed once again the closets in my studio space:  wasted space, badly organized space, inconvenient space...
So, what about good old-fashioned SHELVES?  A call to my genius of a handyman, a week of exile from my studio while he worked in it, and voila: Magnificent shelves, providing even more space than flat files!

Now all I have to do is...put everything away....


  1. I'm envious of the task ahead of you -- what beautiful shelves, and how empty your desk will be at the end.

  2. Enjoy. I know you will put every square inch to good use.