Monday, July 18, 2011


When I haven't finished breakfast by one in the afternoon because I don't want to waste time eating...'s time for me to take a break.  Whether I want to or not.  Ignoring that screaming, kicking slave-driver inside me, I put away paper, pencil, thesaurus, dictionary, computer, glasses---and spend at least one full day, preferably two full days, on activities that require none of those tools.  (Well, I might need to use the glasses...)  
During my most recent break, I made bread---my standard 100% whole wheat, salt-free loaves...
...refurbished my front-door garden area, which had become rather straggly...
...and completed another 5K road race.   As a result of my break, I've now got more energy for writing; delicious bread to eat as I work (if I remember to eat); and an array of flowers to contemplate as I come up with my next phrase.  As for that kicking, screaming inner slave-driver---she's changed her tune, at least temporarily, and is now telling me that taking time off is actually fun.  In fact, she's saying, perhaps...a third day...of replenishment?


  1. What fun! Look at you go, Wendy!
    Sarah C-E

  2. Reading about your "break" (especially the part about you running the 5K) exhausted me to no end. I'm going to lie down on the couch with a bag of Fritos and a tall glass of Root Beer, turn on the television, watch reruns of "I Love Lucy" and "The Twilight Zone" and, perhaps, hopefully, in a month or two I'll have regained enough energy to crawl into bed.

    John S.

  3. Listen to that voice telling you to take time off to play. You look like a top-notch athlete in that last shot. But remember, sweet friend, all things in moderation.

  4. Bravo - I'm all for refiling the well . . .

  5. Wow--a 5K road race?! I'm impressed. What recipe do you use for the bread? Now that the heat wave has passed, I'm determined to start baking bread again. The teen in my current YA novel bakes bread; he uses the tried and true Tassajara bread book (a tattered copy that falls apart when I take it from the shelf). Yum.