Sunday, July 15, 2012


I just received a lovely email from a good friend and colleague, Bruce McMillan, a fantastic photo-illustrator and author of many children's books (  He writes:   

Hey Wendy,

Look what I found at the Windham Maine Public Library (, an original HUGE Wendy Watson.
Yep, it's an original.
Nice and big and wet and splash.

The reference librarian at Windham is a friend and had always mentioned their Wendy Watson, so I stopped by to see for myself.


When I do a presentation at a school or a library, I alway make up a story and draw a picture for my audience.   And I always invite plenty of input from the audience as to who, what, when, where, and how!  I used a giant black magic marker, and Craypas, to make this picture.  I left it behind for my hosts, as I always do.  How nice to think that it is still hanging in the Windham Maine Public Library.


  1. A constant reminder of a visit that made a big impact on many, I'm sure!
    Cathy Bonnell

  2. What a wonderful way for the audience to be involved! I love that incredible size and agree that it is fabulous to keep it hanging in the library. I wish you were closer to make visiting my library easier.