Sunday, June 9, 2013


I hate to say it...but this isn't going to work.  My  infiltration of Miss Creative's blog     My posting on Miss Creative's blog, I mean.  I've tried.  And I never give up.  At least usually I don't.  But what's happened is, each time, just as I've settled at the computer, I hear HER coming.  So I have to quick close the window before I've had a chance to save my post---or even write it.  
And I fly back to my usual corner so dear Miss Creative won't suspect anything.  But the way she rushes to the computer the minute she comes into the room, and hunches down over it---
---like she doesn't want me to see what she's up to or something---well I just KNOW she suspects me and she's snooping around trying to find evidence against me . . .  so I haven't been able to   sneak in   post one single entry.  And besides I HATE that snooping she does.  It's SO . . .  undignified.  I would NEVER do such a thing.  I've got my principles, after all.  As you know.  But anyway---I've got my own blog working again so I'm going to post THERE from now on.  In fact I'm flapping over there right now to tell you the TRUTH about Miss Creative and her back yard. See you there---

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