Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I have just sent off my contribution to the Mazza Museum's "Mazza Celebrity Art Auction": this archival print of trial art I made while working on my title BEDTIME BUNNIES, plus an autographed copy of the book to go with it.  The auction will be taking place in April 2014, but it's not too soon to mark it on your calendar.  The Mazza Museum houses a fantastic collection of more than 8,000 pieces of original art from children's books, and this auction will include art from many of your favorite famous illustrators.  The Mazza is unique in its use of its collection:  rotating art is always on display in the museum, there is no entrance fee, and anyone can walk in and look at any time.  They also carry on a vigorous educational and outreach program for both children and adults, in the form of school visits, travelling exhibitions, visiting illustrator programs, conferences and institutes, and more.

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  1. What could I possibly say except WHHHOOOOPPPEEEE!
    Deborah Nourse Lattimore