Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I published this book many years ago.  The children who were reading it when it was published are now in their 30's, their 40's, or perhaps even their 50's.  But even though the book is now out-of-print, it seems that it still lives on in the hearts of those who read it as a child.  Someone will tell me, "It was my favorite book when I was 5 (or 10, or 4, or 8, or....)."  A grandmother or grandfather writes, "My daughter/son loved this book, and now I want to give it to my grandchild."
Recently I had the opportunity to see the flyleaf of a copy of this book...
...and the flyleaf of another copy of this book.  A colleague of mine, seeing the same flyleafs, wrote, "These inscriptions are very moving, and renew my faith in the tender, sacred quality shared between children and those close to them through children's books.  Seeing these handwritten notes is quite touching.  Yes, all the work and effort put into creating good children's books is so worthwhile."  Could we, as writers and illustrators of books for children, leave behind any better legacy?


  1. So very touching.... thanks Wendy!

  2. I haven't your track record...yet, Wendy, but this happens to me too. I have signed several books more than once, when a woman who was a school child in the 80s brings it back to me with her current kindergartner in tow! It is a bittersweet feeling.

  3. We are grandparents of a little nearly two year old grandson who loves to listen to stories...my husband remembered your Father Fox book and Catch Me and Kiss Me...and nothing would do but we find them! So, off we go reading the wonderful rhymes and searching the lovely pictures, just as we did for our sons back in 1989!

    1. How very wonderful that you still have these books and can now pass them on to another generation! I feel so grateful to think my sister and I have had such an impact on other people's lives.