Tuesday, May 6, 2014


My free poster for the month of May is now available at my website: http://www.wendy-watson.com. When I first started this project, my intention was to create an original, never-before-seen piece of art for each poster. Then my infamous hiking accident broke my nose and interrupted my life.  By the time I managed to get back to work, I was two months behind schedule on my commissioned work. Alas, the original art for the posters went by the wayside; the posters have been created from already-published work---at least so far. 
My readers have been quite creative in using these posters. Shown above, from the Brooks Memorial Library in Brattleboro, Vermont: the display that the children's librarian created, using my January poster. 

All posters...for the months of January...

...and April (as well as May) remain on my website Poster Archive, ready for free downloading. Help yourself!   http://www.wendy-watson.com  

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