Monday, June 20, 2016


Donate to "Thumbelina", receive this art as a reward
Victoria Dobrushina, teacher extraordinaire in Norwich Vermont, has consistently created unique end-of-year recitals and productions for her students, who range in age from 5 to over 70. While these productions always have a classical piano focus, they also incorporate many other instruments, as well as singing, dance, and theater. This year, she and all of her collaborators are hoping to take the performance to a whole new level with a full theatrical production of Thumbelina, created by a team of talented artists including composer E. Krylatov, poet Y. Entin, drama director and librettist I. Khutsieva, choreographer D. Frawley, and Victoria as music director. 

I created this piece of art and have given it to Victoria's organization. They will use it as the program cover, and as a fund-raiser. Donate $150 or more to Thumbelina...and receive the orginal piece as your reward. There are 13 days left to respond!

Go to this link to find out more about the Thumbelina project:

Click on the tab for "updates" to see a video of Victoria's recital from last year. "Updates" will also show you see details about the artwork reward.  Or go to this link:


  1. what a lovely piece. hope this is a wonderful success.

  2. Yes, hoping to help out this wonderful teacher and all her students. I've seen their recital from last year and it was amazing.

  3. My children have been honored to participate in the recital this year and in years past. Thank you for contributing this treasure! We have enjoyed your work since my kids were toddlers and learned how to sing "The fox went out on a chilly night"!

    1. How wonderful that your children have been part of this! And I am very happy to report now that this piece of art has been purchased by a donor, so I've been able to contribute to this year's performance.

  4. ..and last night I met the happy donor who will receive this lovely artwork--her daughter was one of the shining stars in the performance yesterday! They are thrilled to have your art as a memento from this show. Thank you Wendy!!