Monday, June 6, 2016


When I dismantled my Dad's studio earlier this year, I kept a few objects that had special meaning for me. One of them was this little tin of bronze powder. As a special treat for me when I was a small child, Dad would tip out some of this powder onto a china saucer, add banana oil to the proper consistency---and like magic, there was gold paint, ready for me to brush on as the final embellishment to an image I had created.
The tin is still half full...
...and the powder is still as sparkling and magical as it was when I was five years old. Just like the impact Dad still has, even after his death, on my life as an artist.


  1. a beautiful memory, a wonderful memento.

  2. May this add more magic to your illustrations, which are already magical! How lovely to have this sweet memory as well as the actual powder itself.

  3. Nice! I wish I had some of that bronze powder, Wendy! Did Dad have any banana oil left, too?